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Chinese fastener manufacturer

Hebei Yunteng is one of the top fastener manufacturers in China. We have been supplying 

wholesale ISO certified fasteners to small and large companies. We provide bolts, nuts, screws, 

washers, and threaded rods of different materials and sizes.

The company's fastener manufacturing factory can produce metric and American fasteners, 

stainless steel fasteners, and carbon steel fasteners. As an experienced fastener supplier, 

we can meet the special needs of different industries such as construction, energy, power, furniture, etc.

Hebei Yunteng has been a trusted fastener manufacturer and supplier in China for about 20 years. 

With our many years of industry experience, we can guarantee the production of high quality Chinese fasteners

In addition to manufacturing fasteners in our fastener factory, we also provide customization and design services

 to our customers. We have our own machine shop and are able to design special molds according to customer 

drawings to provide customers with customized products.

If you are looking for a reliable fastener company or even a partner, you can trust Hebei Yunteng. 

Buy fasteners in bulk from us and let us help grow your business with our custom and affordable products.

Our wide selection of fasteners includes:

☑Bolts        ☑Nuts        ☑Screws       ☑Washers        ☑Threaded Rods

Bolts Nuts Screws Washer Anchors Pipe clamps Thread rods& Studs






Pipe clamps

Thread rods& Studs

Consult your bolt customization experts

To provide customers with products and services of quality safety supply chain security, and cost saving.

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