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With over 20 years of experience in sea facilities, we have continuously conducted salt spray tests on corrosion-resistant fasteners to provide better information on zinc-nickel alloy, hot-dip galvanized stainless steel, and other bolts.

Due to the relatively humid climate at sea, the anti-corrosion performance requirements for bolts are relatively high. Usually, we require the zinc layer of hot-dip galvanized bolts to reach 55 um, or recommend customers to use stainless steel products.

Unlimited Solutions

Since our monthly production capacity reaches 7000 tons, we have more than 3500 tons of inventory, so we can provide faster delivery, and can meet the production needs of small and large batches, and manufacture goods that meet fine specifications.

Our quality-assured global sourcing services allow us to strategically source available fastener solutions, including specialty products, bottleneck items and hard-to-source fasteners, both domestically and internationally. We manage all aspects of the supply chain, from analysis to sourcing and testing, to delivery and inventory monitoring.

Quality Assurance

We at Yunteng are manufacturing professionals, which is why we have a department specializing in quality control to guarantee the quality of the products that we provide. Our quality control and manufacturing departments work in tandem in each and every phase and process, including production,finish treatment, packaging process —together they ensure the quality of the final product.

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