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Basic introduction to Stud rod

April 28, 2023

What is a Stud rod

Stud rod  is both threaded, there is no thread in the middle of the stud, according to the use of working conditions at both ends of the thread can be the same direction or reverse, the length of the two ends of the thread has equal length and unequal length, the thickness of the screw is also different.

Stud rod producer and distributor are terms used to describe companies that produce and sell stud rods, which are also referred to as double head bolts or screws.  While both terms can be used interchangeably, it is common practice to refer to larger sized studs as double head bolts and smaller sizes as double head screws.

Basic introduction to Stud rod

The field of application of Stud rod

The length of the Stud rod is usually greater than the head of the bolt, so it is more used to connect the equipment with higher thickness, and it is not convenient to use ordinary bolt connection conditions, such as thick plate and concrete roof frame, roof beam suspension, single rail beam hanging parts, etc., it is necessary to connect with double head bolts, and high pressure, high temperature, temperature changes are more places with double head bolts. 

Stud rod manufacturers and suppliers often provide double head bolts for use in various fields including bridge construction, mining equipment, boilers, motorcycles, crane towers, large steel structures, and other large-scale construction projects. These bolts are commonly used to connect parts such as reducer frames and mechanical seal seats due to their convenience in replacement. This is especially useful as many large equipment accessories are frequently removed, causing wear or damage to the threads.

Why should a Stud rod be maintained

Stud rod is mostly used on large equipment. In the actual operation of the equipment, under the influence of external load vibration and temperature change, the friction will be reduced. With the continuous working time, the thread connection will be loose until it fails. To this end, in the use of double bolt connection, to do a good job of maintenance. 

A manufacturer or supplier of stud rods should conduct regular equipment inspections and maintenance. During each inspection, the stud rod and all associated accessories should be thoroughly checked. This includes a strict examination of the bolt head and guide part to detect any cracks or dents, as well as a careful observation of the threads. Any changes in the thread shape or abnormal pitch should be identified. If any issues are discovered, it is essential to replace the stud rod promptly.