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How to measure u bolt?

July 01, 2024

How to Measure a U-Bolt

U-bolts are measured in four dimensions: length, hook, diameter, and thread length. In hydro applications, you can reference the table below to see the correct U-bolt size required for different pipe sizes.


U-Bolt Length

The length of a U-bolt is measured from the end of the bolt to the inside of the elbow (see the image above). U-Bolt Hook

The hook of a U-bolt is the distance between the legs of the bolt, as shown by "d" in the image above. It is important to note that in some drawings, the hook is shown at the center or bottom of the bolt. Additionally, some companies measure the hook from the center of one leg to the center of the other leg. 

U-Bolt Diameter

To measure the diameter of a U-bolt, you will need to measure the diameter of one of the legs of the bolt (see "D" in the image above).

U-Bolt Size Chart

This chart can be used to reference U-bolt lengths.