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What are the treatments for rusty metal screws?

October 07, 2023

Screw is a generic term for fasteners, an industrial necessity that is essential in daily life. Hardware screws are made of carbon steel and stainless steel. Because of its material, hardware screws in the day-to-day use, there will be the existence of rust.

Screws rust for a long time without replacement will be a security risk, we will replace the rusty screws when the rust will appear serious screws, it will block the rust makes ordinary means can not be taken down, then we need some "special means" to take out the screws, the following three ways to make us easy to take out the screws.

Cola immersion

Demolition hood or other household appliances, encounter part of the screws have been rusted unscrew the case, with a cap of cola, and then use a cotton swab dipped in a little cola coated in the rusty screws above, soak for 10 minutes or so, and then use a screwdriver to screw the screws will be easy to unscrew.

When Cola soaks the rusty screws, the carbonic acid in the Cola and the iron oxide on the screws react chemically, thus removing the rust. (The principle of chemistry is utilized)

What are the treatments for rusty metal screws?cid=2

heat expansion and contraction

Bake the screws slightly over a fire. After baking, and then quickly to the screws on top of the application of some cooking oil, static for about 3 minutes, and so on after the static time, and then go to screw the screws is very easy, the screws with the fire after baking will be expanded to leave some space, and then coated with some cooking oil penetrates into the screws inside the lubrication, screwing the screws will be easy.

What are the treatments for rusty metal screws?cid=2

Prying Tools

It is not recommended to use an adjustable wrench directly on heavily corroded screws to prevent slipping the corners, breaking the screw or breaking the wrench. Also need professional tools, that is, the hammer. First, the wrench to fix the screw, and then use the hammer to hit the wrench, blow until the screw is loosened.

With professional tools, availability is stronger, can quickly remove the damaged screws, but also can use the board hand and other auxiliary tools with the Seda broken wire remover to use, improve their own efficiency, simple removal.

What are the treatments for rusty metal screws?cid=2

In general, from 3 aspects to prevent screw rust: storage environment, plating type, use of the environment.

1. Storage environment: hardware screws should be placed in a drier environment with good ventilation and aeration. Hardware screws should not be in direct contact with the ground, it is best to place them in drawers or shelves.

2. Plating type: You should choose the plating color with longer salt spray test time, and pay attention to the plating layer not too Pu when plating.

3. Use of the environment: can not be placed in high salinity, high acidity, salty, high corrosion, high temperature, high humidity environment.

In addition, you can seek our help, we make high-quality fasteners, which can effectively slow down the rust situation!

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