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Nut Manufacturer and Supplier

As a professional nut manufacturer, Hebei Yunteng is committed to providing high-quality, 

reliable nut products to meet the fastening needs of various industrial and construction fields. 

We provide wholesale nuts and custom nut services. We provide hexagonal nuts, flange nuts, 

lock nuts, etc. of different materials and surface treatments. Our products strictly comply with 

the requirements of corresponding international standards, such as DIN934, DIN6923. At the 

same time, we can provide customers with nut customization services. Each of our nuts undergoes 

light screening inspection and manual re-inspection to ensure that all safe and reliable nuts are 

delivered to customers.

Are you looking for unique nuts for your brand or wholesale business? You can send us your nut 

requirement orders or drawings at any time. We assist you throughout the entire unique nut 

wholesale/OEM process based on your needs. You can customize the nut material, size, surface 

treatment, packaging, etc.

Our wide selection of nuts includes:

☑Hex nuts          ☑Flange nuts    ☑Lock nuts   ☑Cap nuts      ☑Coupling Nuts 

☑Square nuts     ☑Barrel nuts     ☑T-nuts        ☑Wing nuts    ☑Tee nuts


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To provide customers with products and services of quality safety supply chain security, and cost saving.

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